Cell Analysis Software

Two different software packages:

DucoCell Image Analysis:  cell counting, analysis of morphology

DucoCell Software is an easy to use cell analysis software package. It provides fast and reliable cell counting and analysis of morphological parameters of cells within an image including area, diameter, perimeter, ellipticity, form-factor etc. Analysis of several images may be executed automatically and subsequently exported to an Excel spreadsheet while simultaneously generating a graph from results obtained.

Counting and Detection
Automatic cell analysis parameters Area, diameter, form-factor, ellipticity, eccentricity, orientation, perimeter, asymmetry, cell centroid coordinates, elliptical axis.
Cell sorting and filtering Ability to analyse sub-populations based on inclusion/exclusion of morphological parameters.
Data representation Data may be exported to Excel spreadsheet incorporating automatic graph generation (e.g. % cell adhesion vs. shear stress).

Image-Pro Plus Software:  cell counting, analysis of morphology and cell tracking.

Image-Pro Plus is a powerful software programme which is capable of:

  1.     Cell morphology analysis
  2.     Cell tracking - analysis of movies (*.avi etc.) for cell flow, rolling and migrating cells in the microcapillaries of Cellix's biochips.
  3.     Analysis of time-lapse movies.
  4.     3D volume rendering:  ideal for analysis of platelet aggregations / thrombi formation in the microcapillaries of Cellix's biochips.


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