Melanoma is the most aggressive form of skin cancer, which invades deeper layers of the skin and has a propensity to metastasise early. Our microfluidic biochips provide an ideal platform to screen genetic variants of metastatic cells and to evaluate their metastatic potential.

GFP-tagged 1205Lu melanoma cells adhering to non-stimulated HUVECs under shear flow

Breast cancer

An advanced physiological transmigration assay can be performed using our upcoming chemotaxis assay biochip. As cells flow in the microcapillaries of the biochip, the cells begin to roll, adhere and transmigrate towards the chemo-attractant. Its robustness and defined physiological stresses subjected to the flowing cells make the difference. Our system is also used as a screening tool for putative cancer drug therapies, via the inhibition of adhesion and transmigration of metastatic cancer cells.

GFP-tagged MDA cancer cells adhering to non-stimulated HUVECs under flow

MDA cells adhering to TNF-alpha stimulated HUVECs under shear flow in microfluidic biochip


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