Kima Pump

To aid cell culture under physiological conditions (shear flow)

What is it?

The Kima™ Pump is a simple to use microfluidic pump designed to aid cell culture (e.g. endothelial cells) under physiological conditions (shear flow) in various biochips and flow chambers, including Cellix's Vena8 Endothelial+ biochips where it is possible to culture 8 cell monolayers simultaneously over 24-48 hours.

How does it work?

The Kima™ Pump is controlled by the iKima™ Application for use with the iPod Touch and iPhone which will shortly be available for download from Apple's iTunes Store.

The Kima Pump is placed inside a standard incubator while the iPod Touch or iPhone, as it's controller, sits on the Universal dock
outside the incubator.

The Kima Pump connects easily to Cellix's Vena8 Endothelial+ biochip and other manufacturer's flow chambers via fully autoclaveable tubing and delivers pulses of fresh media to cells seeded inside the microchannels.

See it in motion

How is the Kima™ Pump supplied?

Kima™ Pump is supplied in different parts which are:
- a controller (iPod Touch with Universal dock)
- a pump with a bottle holder and tubings
- a 12V/40W external power supply
- an RJ11 cable to connect the pump to the controller

iKima™ Application: How does it work?

iKima™ is an Apple Application for iPod Touch or iPhone which controls the Kima™ pump.  There are three main steps for the application:

1.  Set-up - Select iKima App on iPod Touch or iPhone & Connect iPod Touch to Kima controller:  Press "Connect" button.
2.  Wash-out - To wash-out the pump:  Press "Wash" & To stop washing:  Press "Stop".
3.  Flow assay - To start perfusion in the biochip or flow chamber:  Press "Perfuse" and select "Perfusion Time" (time for which media will continue perfusing) and "Pause Time" (interval between perfusion times).


Useful documents


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