Vena8 Fluoro+ Biochips

Ideal for studying cell receptor-ligand interaction studies under conditions mimicking in-vivo physiological flow, compatible with confocal microscopy


Each Vena8 Fluoro+ Biochip contains 8 parallel enclosed microcapillaries for continuous flow cell based assays. Each microcapillary may be coated with a different adhesion molecule.
Cell suspensions may then be injected using the Mirus Evo Nanopump which supports a range of shear stresses for dynamic flow based assays. As cells flow through the microcapillary of the Vena8 Fluoro+™ biochip, the cell surface receptors may interact with adhesion molecules or ligands which coat the microcapillary walls.

Vena8 Fluoro+Biochips are particularly suited for applications requiring fluorescent immunostaining or confocal microscopy observation combined with flow based experiments, and for applications such as thrombosis.



Dimensions 400um (width) x 100um (depth) x 20mm (length)
No. of channels 8
Substrate Thickness 0.17 mm
Sizes Sample Pack of 2 (16 assays, Pack of 5 (40 assays), Pack of 10 (80 assays) or Mixed Pack


In motion

Platelet adhesion from whole blood to collagen coated biochip at 60 dyne/cm²


Platelet-leukocyte interaction on collagen coated biochips at 2.25 dyne/cm²



Platelet adhesion to vWF coated biochip at 60 dyne/cm²


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